October 29, 2012

Decorating Ideas: Children's Furniture Re-do

Image via Doolittle
I finally bought a big boy's bed (below) for Josiah from our local reuse facility, Tiny's.  It was a grand total of $20 and worth the wait, I love it!!  I have learnt that you don't do furniture projects in winter in Canberra if you don't have a closed in garage - brrr too chilly.

Until yesterday my bed-side table still looked like this!  So it was the perfect time to find the bed in sunny spring.  I have already sanded the bed (using an electric hand sander - so quick.)  I also finished the undercoat on my bed-side table.
The rest of these images are from a gorgeous blog post, Fanny's World on Doolittle - a French kids magazine. These grey's are all lovely but I really like a darker colour for a bed, the dark blue-grey is also a favourite. We have a porters paint place in Mitchell that has very cool colours that are VOC free.  I get all my painting advice from my friend Rachel who has been renovating furniture since she was a teenager.


Aren't these bedroom photos so inspiring!!  Photos and Styling by Anne-Catherine Scoffoni.

Ed's note:  This is how the bed turned out