June 28, 2012

Vintage Fashion

My fellow vintage-loving friend lent me this book and I am thoroughly enjoying it!!  Especially after my thrifty find the other week (I have now unpicked the sleeves).  The book is full of great advice on how to wash vintage outfits, repair and restore to a wearable customised outfit.  Lots of tips on how to pair your vintage pieces with modern accessories/shoes etc..  This book is now on my wishlist, I highly recommend it!

I actually wrote to Kelly to thank her for her book and ask some advice on my outfit re-fashion, she was kind enough to reply! She suggested a similar thing to what I had in mind for my top: remove sleeves - leave the bling, take top in.  A re-fashion of the skirt into a short skirt was suggested, removing the bling and as much as I would love that, I think it would look better suited on my tall, leggy blonde sister in law :-)  It would really suit her style too.  Here is a full photo of the skirt.

It has half a tuelle petticoat underneath which I am going to remove and save for another project.

Photo of Kelly courtesy of Minxy Vintage