June 11, 2012

Long Weekend Crafting

Shaving cream art thanks to Play Create, Explore.  I pinned this idea on the weekend, something I knew Anya would enjoy.  I find these sorts of crafts easier to do one child at a time!!  So Josiah might get his turn when Anya is at pre-school next.

  Touching the paper lightly to the shaving foam, the colours seeped through pretty quick.
Peeling the paper off!  I loved the texture it made on the paper.  We didn't try card stock as suggested but might try that with Josiah.

We let our art work dry overnight and scraped the excess cream off this morning.  You get the same pattern without any mess!  Great technique for making wrapping paper... I have fond memories of paper marbling at school, I'll have to look that one up too.  Enjoy your Monday off for the Queen's Birthday!!