June 4, 2012

Rockclimbing Expedition

Here is my little rock-climber waiting to take her first trip up the wall.  With some guidance and assurance from staff member Chris, Anya was raring to go.  She especially enjoyed 'letting go' for a Peter Pan ride from greater heights.

Anya is a pretty adventurous kid and absolutely loved it!  I'm planning on starting a bean jar for behaviour and this will be one of the rewards when we get to a certain level - maybe to the top?!!

I'd highly recommend Canberra Indoor Rock Climbing for the locals, the staff were friendly and helpful.  I'd think about going on a weekday next time when it isn't as busy, it was a little challenging keeping Josiah out of the way of fellow climbers.  You almost need the 2 adult to 1 child ratio for them to have a decent go.  We went off on our own after this climb and tried another wall with just Anya and Gordon.  It was a great family outing and I plan on referencing this experience for next time my daughter tells me, "I can't do it!!".


Melissa said...

Great work Anya! It looks like you all had a wonderful time. I have never thought of going climbing, but I bet James would love it.

Rosalind said...

complete with Spiderman outfit? You could tie it in with a themed day!!!

Yana said...

she looks so confident there! great work!!! :)