April 16, 2012

Wiksten Tank in Stretch Knit with Sleeves

The Wiksten tank is everything - everyone says it is... the perfect fit!  I haven't taken a photo of my white tank yet (the wearable 'muslin') but since it's getting cooler here I tried it in stretch knit fabric and added sleeves.  Sewing with a twin needle was a first for me, it worked on the neckline very nicely but caused the hem to roll as you can see above - I can't remember if I ironed the hem but that might solve my problems?

Anyway, not bad for a first effort sewing for me in stretch knit.  I read lots of recommendations on sewing knits with a normal machine.  My machine doesn't have the lightening bolt looking stitch that some blogs suggested using but my machine had a 'stretch knit' setting that I used for the main seams that was nicer looking than a zig zag stitch.  I did make the neckline slightly higher and used the sleeves from the Wiksten Tova pattern too.
I also made a skirt for the wee girl who has been asking on an almost daily basis, "Can you make me something Mum?"  Good old el-cheapo Spotlight fabric and offcuts in my stash came to the rescue for such an occasion.  Anya was very happy :-)


gret said...

Looks great with the sleeves doesn't it? I'm hanging to give it a crack with some nice floaty liberty, bought the pattern a couple of weeks ago (along with the rest of the world!)....your version looks great. (And I've got that nice floral voile too! Did you notice V's bib and blanket made from it?) xx

kristin said...

This looks GREAT, Ros! I would wear a shirt like this constantly. Nice work!!

Anonymous said...

I love this pattern with sleeves! I've just had a go with the pattern, need another go to get the size right but when I do I'd love to try to add sleeves too! Hope you don't mind but I linked to your blog, please let me know if there's a problem

Renee // nearest the pin said...

This looks great with sleeves and in knit. I've made a few of these tanks, but didn't think of either of these variations - well done!