April 19, 2012

Canberra Etsy Seller: Flower Hair Comb

I finally purchased some actual vintage millinery leaves and here they are on a lovely comb just listed in my etsy store.  My flower pieces are often 'missing' leaves I think, they really complete the piece. 

Layers of floaty buttery fabrics make for a soft, romantic flower.  The Swarovski pearls I used are an unusual pewter/gold colour and I really like the subtle contrast they give.  These sorts of pieces take a couple of hours to make, even the small ones, every layer is hand cut with my own flower template and then edges sealed where possible to prevent fraying!  Things have been moving much slower in my Etsy store since I had Josiah!  He is almost two can you believe?  Hopefully with Anya off to school next year my production can increase as I do enjoy my fabric and paper flowers!!  

I read a great article on building a creative business with small children on Handmade success yesterday - I spotted it Gret's facebook page!  I will be doing some archive reading on that blog and subsequent links! 


Yana said...

i love the addition of the leaves, so pretty! stunning flower all together :) xx