April 17, 2012

Travelling with Children

Travelling with children is on my mind!!!  Here are a few good tips I have seen around lately.  Firstly Jordan's travel gifts to the passengers around them - pure gold :-)

My cousin made one of these cute mini tote's recently for a gift, I thought this would also be a great activity for kids to take on the plane.  I have only just found the Lbg Studio blog!

I haven't heard of I spy bags before?  I know my kids would love these... might be good to keep in the handbag for all sorts of occasions, doctors waiting room and the like :-)  Oh Happy Day and A Cup of Jo both have great tips on travelling with small children too.  Thanks ladies.


Posie Patchwork said...

Now you know i have super active children but we've been taking them over seas since they were aged 2 to 6 (really) & they have never let us down on a plane, they find a million things to play with. Must say, my husband will sit next to the smallest (for leg allowance) & leave me with the 3 bigger ones, as clearly i don't need it. We never took too much entertainment for them, they are given a goodie bag & then they fall asleep. I stay awake, just in case, but my husband sleeps like a baby, carefree. Must say, even toilet trained ones who sleep from exhaustion, might have an accident, only accident any of our 4 ever had was on a plane, bottom on my lap, nice!! Wish i had popped a nappy on her, you just never know!!
Oh now i saw recently on The Doctors, a show i watch like once a year, that tray tables are NEVER cleaned so without being too much of a freak, i'd take wipes & disinfect them first, can't hurt, ditto arm rests. Love Posie

gret said...

I am all about the busy bag at the moment. Brilliant! See my "Educate and Entertain" board on pinterest. I've spent about a week making up about 20 zip lock bags of activities for on the go, travel and independent play. Working a treat at the moment.