October 7, 2011

The Market Skirt Tutorial: Review

The Market Skirt is my latest personal sewing project and probably the last one for a little while now as I keep up with my shop and custom orders for Shop Handmade.  I don't have much of a stash for personal sewing but did find some fabric that 'little miss fussy' approved - red and white polkadots, she 'approved' the pattern too! I had some white left over from my quilt and used it as the trim, it looks so crisp and fresh.  I made it bigger as she is almost four but I found my fre-styling ways made it way too baggy around the waist.  So I un-picked - ughh and made a smaller waistband and it turned out fine.

Photo - courtesy of MADE
I folded the white trim over so I didn't have to hem the skirt! Loved that. It is a nice easy pattern.  We did the gathered pockets, buttons, the works.  I recommend this pattern again, nice and easy for beginner sewers and if the pockets look too hard just leave them off.

I have to share my typical Anya moment with you, I am sure some can relate... I presented the spotted skirt with much excitement to Anya, expecting that she would match my enthusiasm.  She looks at it and with a deadpan look on her face says, "It doesn't have buttons" - *sigh*, I inwardly rolled my eyes, trying to play it cool.  So, we added love heart buttons, I let her know it was good for twirling and happy days!


gret said...

Great minds my dear. We're in "nothing but a skirt -land" at the moment and I was just about to make this skirt. I have a few on my short list and this was near the top!! Looks lovely. x