October 23, 2011

Amy Butler Anna Tunic: Help with Attaching Yoke

 We all understand instructions differently depending on how we learn.  I think attaching the yoke on the Anna Tunic has the potential to challenge any sewer!  So, if you are here you are likely having trouble attaching the back of the yoke to the tunic.  Hopefully these photos will help.

Step 6: G

Where I am pointing is the bottom of the center back edge which is about to match right sides together with the clip you made in center back panel of tunic.

Step 6: H

Lining up my notch on the left with the top of arm hole and the center back seam as above. Fold right side of yoke towards you to it sits on top of right side of tunic... this is where you do the little tricky bit.

Step 6: H

Pin in place from underneath if that makes sense.

Step 6:H

How it looks from the back once you have pinned the yoke to the tunic.

Step 6: H

About to do the other side of the yoke.

Step 6: H

Step 6: H - lots of photos of this part!

Step 6: H

What it looks like from the back, when pinned on both sides - ready to sew.

Step 6: I - About to sew

Still pinned but you get the idea of what it would look like sewn

Step 6: I - view from inside before sewing

Step 6: I  - another view before sewing

Please contact me if you have any further questions, I am by no means the yoke queen.

I have to confess I tried this on before I did Step 6: I and have decided I don't like the green yoke!  I am going to unpick the front and put a white one on.  I also noticed the armholes are too tight, boo :-(  I measured properly and everything!  So, before I attach the yoke I am going to have to fix that too!  This will probably be too for summer in Canberra for me and I wished I had left off the lining and used bias around the arm holes...  Not sure if I have the heart to un-pick the lining too.  You can see this was a well thought out project, hmmmmm.


Karen said...

Wow, thank you sooooo much as these pictures really helped me. I must have read the instructions 20 times and it just wasn't making sense. This is my first dress so its been a learning curve. I think I will need to make it again and will probably do a better job and also use a more appropriate fabric. Thanks again.


Dashaina Gibbs said...

Thank you so much for posting these. I just downloaded this pattern from sew mag and they have no pictures of the back and the written instructions are a bit tedious. I can't wait to get started on this top. Searching for a tutorial finally led me to here and I am super excited to see photos of the piece being actually put together. Thanks again!! :)

Rosalind said...

Hi Dashaina, I'm so glad they helped! I have to admit, I didn't ever finish this top. Naughty me, I cut the fabric up to make something else! I hope your top works out it is a lovely pattern. x