August 22, 2011

How to make a Pinata - Oh Happy Day

Jordan has done a tutorial on how to make a Pinata :-) I thought the base of these numbers would be great decorated in a number of ways and easily made from cardboard boxes found at the supermarket or hardware store!

Letters would be awesome for a birthday! We decorate our daughters bedroom for her birthday every year so when she wakes up she has a surprise! So much fun. The trick this year will be decorating with both kids asleep in the one room and hoping she doesn't get up through the night!

If you didn't want to use as a functional pinata but as a decoration other ideas to decorate your letters/numbers could be:

  • cover in a paper mache and paint
  • decoupage in scrap fabric - patchwork style
  • cover with mini cupcake wrappers
  • rolled up tissue paper balls
  • glitter :-) (maybe after you paper mached)
I hope you enjoyed a relaxing weekend. We did.

Happy Birthday to my big sister Jenn :-) This is a photo of us in Africa, 1974! I hope you have a great day xx