October 29, 2010

Taking good product shots


I participated in a little madeit promo /competition for several weeks and I have to say some days it was painful finding GOOD photos!!!!!!!! Bec (founder of madeit) seems to find plenty of nice shots but she might spend a lot more time looking for them, than I had time to.

A good photo goes a long way to selling your product - especially when you are relying on online sales and customers can't touch your items! I have been guilty of taking photos in a hurry just to list an item in my store and I don't claim to be an expert but I try hard to make them as appealing as possible. My light cube has really helped product shots at night and I mostly try to shoot in natural light with no flash. Notice the simple, consistent backgrounds in these photos courtesy of Decor8.

There are lots of helpful tutorials online and you can even make your own light tent. Etsy's has a few great tutorials on their blog re: photographing products. Have a happy weekend! I am having a little holiday with my family next week which includes NO internet connection - a real holiday! So see you in a week :-)


Posie Patchwork said...

Brilliant, this needs to be shared with market & shop applicants. You are amazing Ros. Love Posie

june at noon said...

Isn't it amazing how many shots you can take just to get a few that are good? Thank goodness for digital cameras (i.e. no film)!

gret said...

Did I ever share this with you?


G xx

ana @ i made it so said...

you're right, the simple background makes the object stand out...

enjoy your break! :)

Tania McCartney said...

Hope you enjoyed the break - I'm green!!!