October 27, 2010

Clay flowers by DK Designs on Etsy

It is hard to believe these flowers are made from CLAY!!! Yes- you read right! An amazing find on you-tube lead me to this Etsy store. I would LOVE to learn how to make flowers out of clay. These are made from Deco-clay which is a soft, air-drying clay. Stunning images I could stare at these all day.

I actually found a place in Melbourne that give Deco Clay lessons! This book looked fabulous too - Clay Art for all Seasons by Yukiko Miyai. This is on the to-do list once Josiah is weaned and I take myself to Melbourne for a girls weekend... a trip to Ink and Spindle is on the wish list too.


Yana said...

wow, those flowers are stuning! didn't know it was possible to make them so lovely from clay...

btw, i would love love love to go to melbourne, so i'm going with you!! girls weekend sounds great! :D

Chantal said...

Beautiful! I imagine they're incredibly fragile too! So realistic, someone has spent so much time making those. Thanks for sharing!