October 20, 2010

Gorgeous Danish Design Blog

I found this lovely blog - Ifra Lahell a while back - who knows where? You know how you can get lost in the link trail... If you add google translator to the page you might understand some of the text. From what I can gather the lovely blog author is in Interiors and shows fabulous images of her home and homes that are inspirational. I love finding a blog like this and then going on a tour of her blog roll! That is how I probably found her in the first place! Enjoy!


Nattie said...

Oh wow! that's just so pretty! Totally gonna put her in my bloglist to read! :)

Yana said...

looks like a lovely blog to follow :)

Joni Roscoe said...

gorgeous gorgeous it is..there are so many interesting and cute stuffs in here that stimulates one creative juice..keep writing..errr..blogging..and designing..

- i hate to admit but I always bring an Anti Fungal cream with me