July 14, 2010


I have become a Masterchef junkie!! I didn't watch it last year but it seems to co-incide with feeding Josiah and I am hooked. I saw the macaron tower on MS last week and I see them constantly in the blogosphere and drool every time!


I can do Pavlova's... I can do meringues... but can I conquer the Macaron? A little while back I featured Tartelette as a Friday Favourite! Helen has a great article on demystifying the Macaron on her home page. I always thought they were spelt Macaroon but discovered they are two different things!?! So what I want to know is have you made them and what are your tips for a successful Macaron?


Brenda said...

My nine year old son is a masterchef junkie also.....we all are! He had a bash at some macaron's yesterday, they looked great but a little mouse ate them all before I could get a picture :(

Shane Jeffery said...

HI, Mel and I may visit the macaron shop in Balmain in the next couple of weeks. my girlfriend has been making macarons I should find out the rec for you.