July 16, 2010


So fortunate to have a Bison store in Canberra! I love popping in there to see all the beautiful rows of gorgeous stoneware... stunning milk bottles and penguins lined up like soldiers begging me to take them home. I have posted these photos before but they are worth a second look!

Alas, my visits to Bison have been rare these days with Anya's dislike for staying in the pram: a toddler and expensive stoneware = stress levels too high to enjoy a leisurely visit. Something I will have to do on my own soon before I am surrounded by boxes...

We should be settling on our new place in less than 2 weeks - am I excited?? you bet! Have a great weekend!


Brenda said...

Oh I'd love to go there, I can see why you like to visit, everything is so beautiful!

by marie-nicole said...

Gorgeous! You will have to make another trip on your to really enjoy it.