July 28, 2010

Kids rooms - ideas?

I am looking for inspiration to some kids rooms where boys and girls share!!! Our new place only has 2 bedrooms, so Anya and Josiah will be sharing - just like the good old days!

I don't want the colours to be completely neutral but want to incorporate something that suits both sexes?!

If anyone knows the source of these top two images please let me know... I was a naughty girl and didn't save the name! oops!




gret said...

I'm loving the red, yellow, white and turquoise at the moment. Although not exactly how I'd do it, I love these colours:


Anonymous said...

I'm not going to be much help to you on the design front, but I think sharing a room with your sibling is a great idea! My two have a room each, but the little one more often than not asks for his mattress to be dragged into his sister's room for a 'sleep over'. I've suggested making one room a bedroom, and the other a play room, but both kids have protested. Oh, and my daughter (age 6) asked for her room to be painted blue for her birthday last January. Seems we're moving on from the 'Barbie Doll pink' phase. Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and that's a great room make-over from Gret. Now.... to add some finishing touches to my girl's recently painted room......

Jenn Ballard said...

wow i love that one Gret posted up - how cool! I like the little "window" she put in! How cool. Ros i still have that Turquoise colour that the kids feature wall was painted in. It looks awesome - if you want a cheap tin of paint that is neutral to both! Looks better with light shining on it though - it's quite a dark room isn't it?