February 1, 2010

Monday Musings - A day in Bowral

I had a lovely girls day in Bowral over the weekend with my cousin, Melanie (left) and my sister-in-law Kate (right). We kicked the morning off with a coffee and cake at the Elephant Boy Cafe - my favourite... It has a great ambience, old books lining the walls and a lovely, hard-working hostess with quirky glasses, braids and great calves :-) She is there every time I go and is always BUSY!

We pottered around the shops and spent quite some time in Seed and another favourite, My Place. Seed is divided into two sides, childrens clothing and lovely stuff for Mum (pictured). They had sensational props, old hat boxes, hat blocks and a massive glass jar full to the brim with letter press letters! I wanted to tuck that under my arm and bring it home! All in all it was a lovely day out.

I unfortunately blew my back tyre on the way home in the middle of nowhere on the highway :-( I have been a paying member of NRMA for 7 years and the one time I need them I get told it will be 2 hrs minimum wait - sorry. I couldn't even lift the spare tyre out of the boot - I sat on the back of the car and cried! That lasted all of 5 minutes, pulled myself together, prayed for some divine intervention and no later than 5 minutes a tow truck heading in the opposite direction crossed the split highway and came to my rescue - changing my tyre in all of 5 minutes. *sigh* Thank you God! I was extremely grateful (as was Gordon) and got home in one piece. A great ending, for a great day.


Market Girl said...

Well at least there was a happy ending!
Sounds like a lovely day, great pictures, I hope you have lots of ideas for us.
Not so good about the tyre but glad you were rescued.

Karen Brock said...

oh sweet memories!....I enjoyed reading your post today....I lived in Bowral until two years ago and Elephant Boy was a frequent morning coffee hang out for a girlfriend and I after school drop-off.

They make great curries too!

Shame about your car dramas....but nice to hear of good deeds by helpful tow truck drivers.

Anonymous said...

looks like a lovely cafe!!

Thanks for letting me know about the Madeit newsletter!! I was so excited! ... made my day!


Jordan - Polkadot Prints said...

Sounds like a glorious day out! What a treat! Been dreaming about a girl day out....xo

Posie Patchwork said...

Ros, you look fantastic & what lovely family members you have. I can't believe you are so heavily pregnant, you rock the 'with child' look beautifully. Love Posie