February 15, 2010

The most romantic thing ever done for me...

In light of all the lovey dovey stuff that we have endured over the last few weeks for Valentines, I thought I would share my favourite romantic story - the best part is - it actually happened to ME! In 2002 Gordon & I went with a few friends to Thailand to help out at the Agape Orphanage build in Chang Mai. I celebrated my birthday while we were there and after a lovely day off we went out for dinner with the group then Gordon and I went off for a wander through the night markets on our own.

Little did I know the rest of the team had strict instructions to carry out a secret squirrel operation in my honour from the gorgeous Gordon (then 'boyfriend'). To cut a long story short - the team purchased an entire truck of flowers from one seller and the seller was so overjoyed he drove them all back to our hotel in his truck, flowers and all!! They then set about decorating my bedroom with 1000 roses, fairy lights and other lovely flowers :-)

You can imagine my delight and surprise when I walked into my room - I burst into happy tears - it truly was such a grand romantic gesture... I felt like a movie star going to bed that night and couldn't sleep. Everyone thought a proposal was at the fore but we weren't ready for that yet! Needless to say the rest of the boys on the trip weren't happy with Gordon and the girls romantic expectations had just gone up a notch. I was one giddy girl :-) (Gordon thinks it is worth a trip to thailand to do this fella's as you could never afford to do it in Oz!) {my images - from Christchurch Botanical gardens - I couldn't find my actual photos of the day - that is why this post is sooo late ;}


~ Kim ~ said...

Oh wow. Lucky you! It must have been very magical. What a special guy. I hope you do have lots of pics. Something to share with the children when they're older.