February 10, 2010

Ribbon love

These stunning ribbons are from a fabulous website I found that supply EVERYTHING you could think of for events and crafting! Unfortunately they are in the states and of course they don't ship to Australia. They have alternate ways you can ship to Oz but the price is ridiculous :-( *hmphh* When our dollar is so strong it sucks that we can't take advantage of such great suppliers....

I love the names of these ribbons & colours:
  1. Mint Green Parisian Grosgrain
  2. Sea Foam Pearl Finish
  3. Austrian Silver Velvet
We are home safe and enjoyed one night at the beach and a little relaxing before driving home yesterday. Of course it stops raining after we LEAVE the beach! ha ha - always the way. I am just happy to have my little family all back together again.


Anonymous said...

Don't ship to Australia? Don't you hate that? I wonder why it is....Now I just need you to scout out someone with gorgeous ribbons who WILL ship here. Go on. Get cracking, girl!
I'm glad your family is all back together safe and sound, too. Lots of love.