October 6, 2009

Necklace Craft

Celeste is wearing the latest in children's craft - pasta and cupcake liners on silver thread! Available in a household near you. What a quick, fun craft - Anya and I made this last week. We didn't do much crafting last week - we were very busy with outings :-)


jennytaylor said...

Lovely! Make sure you keep giving her beautiful things to work with. You might end up having to wear it. Out. In public. I have been shopping wearing a necklace made of blue and silver ribbon and a pendant made from a plastic bottle top and aluminium foil!

Rosalind said...

Ha Ha - my hubby would love that! He has no shame.. almost wore a fluffy pink hat to mow the lawn the other day at Anya's request :-)

Amanda K said...

Oh that is SWEET :) I've had pasta necklaces from three children so far, and I really have never been prouder to wear a piece of jewellery out in public in my life - truly.