October 25, 2009

Monday Meanderings - Tara Dennis

Macro Mondays are taking a break for a while!!! Over the weekend we had some visitors from Sydney stay which was lovely. We love hosting laid back guests :-) It always means we eat really well over the weekend too!!! Weekends are generally lazy for me & cooking. On the Sunday we went out to Crace display village and saw Tara Dennis give a talk on decorating, the basics of "where to start". She put together a story board for making over a room, based on a colour palette found in a fashion magazine. Since fashion is always ahead of home furnishings in colour trends it is a good way to 'future proof' your home... (in Tara's words). The photo of the paper lantern is one of the free craft projects found on Tara's website. There are a few Christmas themed crafts - it's not too early to start people :-) Hope you had a nice weekend.