October 4, 2009

MACRO Monday -

My dandelion photos are some of my favourite macros I have taken, although my little collection is running out - I might have to find some on Flickr or take some more :-) How was your weekend? We are enjoying a long weekend although the weather is stink :-( I love hanging out in the backyard with my little family - playing out in the fresh air - but alas we are stuck inside. At least Gordon doesn't have to go to work, still gets paid and I am off to have coffee with two lovely friends. And looking at the bigger picture, because I like things in perspective - at least we aren't suffering the wake of a cyclone, tsunami and earthquakes... it's been a rough week for the world.


Victoria Sayer said...

I too love dandelion puff balls. There is something magical and nostalgic about them. I have a couple of beautiful close-up shots myself.