January 29, 2009

Where I would rather be....

This is the beach my sister and her family lives near in NSW! How I would dearly love to be hanging with them today and swimming! Instead I am at home in 37 degree heat with NO air-conditioning! Anya is asleep in the bare minimum and I am sweltering at the sewing machine but have come out for air! (This is my nephew J).

I am trying really hard not to complain today... didn't do too well did I! My personal mantra is "There is always someone worse off than you". My daughter (& future sibling/s) will be sick of hearing me say that but hopefully it will become ingrained in them. I did one of those '25 facts / goals / unknowns about yourself' yesterday and one of my goals was to take my kids to Africa when they are old enough to let the trip be of life-changing value. So I will stop complaining about no a/c and go back to sewing.... till next time x