January 16, 2009

To do list " old school"

Those who know me know I LOVE a good LIST! I write lists for just about anything and take great joy in them and even more in crossing them off (yes, I know it may be a sickness). I read about these cool old school catalog cards from Alice at Peapods. How fun!

Come to think of it... my lists have dwindled somewhat these days... more along the lines of:"make small child eat dinner"... small child has her own list.... "encourage Mum to relax more by not doing everything she wants".... ahhh - sometimes Motherhood demands the opposite of what my brain is wired to give... BUT it continually produces great moments which compensate for the frustrations.


gret said...

I see the blogging is more regular now and i am enjoying the read. You know in your heart what the the next step after a great blog is don't you? etsy store! :o)