January 26, 2009

MACRO Monday

I love my macro lens almost as much as ...... (choose words wisely) ummm, life itself! I took this shot in Canberra's botanical gardens a couple of weekends ago. We had a fun morning with Gordon keeping an eye on Anya running around while I actually got to take photos. It brings me great joy to take photos, especially macros. There is something special about crouching down in front of this tiny perfect flower and seeing all the detail you miss when looking from afar. It gives, stopping to smell the roses a new meaning for me. This is a re-sized image for my post, but when you enlarge the high res photo and see the tiny specs on one of those little pom pom looking petals - SPECTACULAR!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo! I tried just a couple of hours ago to use the macro function on my camera. worked initially then it had a melt down. It was making some very strange noises and then wouldn't focus. I'M NO PHOTOGRAPHER!!!

gret said...

Gorgeous. I have had a macro lens on my wish list, birthday list, saving list and christmas list for about 3 years!!! I so want one. Great picture, I can imagine how nice it is enlarged. :o) Hope you had a lovely birthday long weekend! x x

Rosalind said...

Thanks girls! Can you believe our macro lense was given to me by a friend in Brisbane, he didn't want it anymore! He thought I would look after it. I didn't pay a cent!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohooo