January 22, 2009

First Lino print

Well, my first lino print since High school!!! This print is originally from a leaf I scanned in on the computer, then traced onto a piece of lino. I didn't have any decent paper so I printed on Calico. I love the natural colour of calico and it's versatile use. It was a LOT of work cutting though and the results are well, just OK for a first go.

I discovered you can buy textile medium (I used Jo Sonja) and add it to your normal acrylic paint. This worked a treat, I ironed on a low setting (with some brown paper in between iron and fabric) to seal the paint, then washed and re-ironed and there was no fading or running of paint. Since printing this I have also cut away at the mat some more to try and get rid of the lines and marks I don't want there. I also had no lino roller so I used a rolling pin!

I was encouraged to explore some more though but I have a feeling that screen printing might produce a better result, especially for fine details that I am hoping to achieve. It was fun and very therapeutic.