September 25, 2015

Life in London - A snapshot of where we live

Sep 2014
We've just past the one year mark of our new life in London which still feels surreal.  We've had lots of lovely times and feel quite settled but I have to say those first 3-6 months were a killer.  I did so much reading, as much research as I possibly could about moving your family overseas but I think somethings you just have to live it and find out for yourself.  Everyone's experience will be different... a bit like childbirth!
We live in the basement flat of this lovely old home, it's teeny-tiny - London style! The kids school is at the bottom of our road and it is lovely to walk there and back every day instead of the half hr bumper-to-bumper commute we had in Canberra.
The history of Crystal Palace is pretty special and we think it's a really cool place to live.  Crystal Palace park is fabulous and there are plenty of trees and open spaces which help this Aussie girl feel not so cramped.  I do miss gum trees, blue skies and the landscape of home, especially Canberra.  We arrived here going into winter on the back of a Canberra winter (depressing) so I was positively giddy when it finally started warming up this Summer.  I have to say,  with the exception of a few warm days it didn't really feel like Summer - sad face.
This is the rec at the bottom of our street with the school in the background.  The kids have settled in really well - I am super proud of them.  Josiah started full-time school in November, he was only 4.5yrs and had a wobbly first week (too soon for this mama) but recovered nicely.  Anya finally started in February - she was off school for four months solid, it nearly broke me.... that is a whole other post for another time.
The last photo I'll leave you with is one of the 'selling points' for our rental here.... yard and 'summer house'!  We have thoroughly enjoyed the extra space over Spring / Summer, lots of picnics, dinner on the deck and digging in the back corner for Josiah.  It currently houses some unpacked boxes (due to lack of space inside ;) a dryer and a kids crafting area.  Thank goodness we were used to living simply but this place has really challenged our understanding of small spaces.