May 16, 2013

Useful Advice for Creative Small Businesses

Ceramics: Susan Frost,  Photo: Grant Hancock

When I read advice useful to my own business, the first thing I want to do is share it with my friends as I think it could resonate with fellow Mum-preneurs or other creative small businesses.  Recently I have come across a few interesting articles about online success and driving sales etc.. 

Fellow Australian, Jessica Van Den has a great blog called Create and Thrive, which I am sure helps her business Epheriell do, just that. 

Dave Conrey has a great blog called Fresh Rag which I inadvertently found yesterday while diving down a rabbit hole.  Dave gave some hefty praise to a book by Gary Vaynerchuk called, Crush it.  I've added it to my wish list but went on to check out some of Gary's short video's on Youtube - an interesting guy with lots of good advice :-)   

Both Jessica and Dave offer free e-books on subscription to their newsletters etc, also a great tactic for readership straight to one's inbox!

Magazine editor, Amy Flurry has written a book called Recipe for Press, specifically for entrepreneurs, basically a DIY on how to pitch like a pro - also on my list :-) 

There are also countless e-courses on offer, you have probably come across them in your browsing travels but the first ones to mind are courses by, Holly from Decor8 and Kathleen and Tara at Braid Creative.

Feel free to share any other great sites or posts you have read lately. 

If you read my blog through google reader and haven't switched over to a new feed reader, your time is running out!  I am using feedly and it is working out great.