May 22, 2013

Handmade Crepe Paper Flower: Lilly

Can you pick which is the crepe paper flower I made?  Yes, it's the one at the back.  It was my first attempt using a cheap crepe paper from the dollar store which tore a bit when painted or shaped.    
I am going to attempt a few more flowers using both coffee filters and some quality paper I bought from the art store as the crepe paper didn't cope very well with long petals, they needed to be supported with individual wires but they would probably have torn the paper. 
I started by pulling apart my Lilly, then sketching the petals to make a template.  I used some rolled up green crepe paper for the stigma and some millinery/cake decorating stamens I had on hand.  I pinched in the petals when putting it together, then wired and taped it to give it a stem.   What do you think?