February 28, 2013

Sew Inspired: Autumn and Spring Shirts

I am a sucker for these type of shirts.  This is the lovely Indigo Floral Popover from J Crew but too expensive for my budget.  I have been looking through my Japanese sewing books to see if there is a similar style I can make.  The 'J' dress on page sixteen of 'Stylish Dress Book' looks close.  You could just extend the pink tucks and cut it shorter.

The pin tuck (or shirring) is lovely, here it is in more detail:
Do you know about a program called Fireshot Screen Capture?  It is perfect for capturing images from flash-based sites or sites that have disabled you from saving images directly from their site.  You can do a screen dump into Photoshop too but I use Fireshot more often for this particular task!! 
In love with this silk Peasant blouse from Madewell!  The colour and pattern is awesome!   We have had a rainy week and today is quite cool which has inspired me to get sewing for Autumn!!