March 4, 2013

For the Wall: Plan Poster Print for Two Dollars

This A1 print of my two lovelies cost me two dollars and five cents at my local Officeworks!  It is a 'plan print' mostly for architectural plans.  Not my own brilliant idea, I saw it on Pinterest!  The paper is thin but sturdy enough to be washi taped to the wall!  I did brighten it in Photoshop first as advised and if you look hard enough you can see a line running down the left of Josiah's head and one through his hair but it is no biggie to me.  This was just a quick casual photo I took on my bed - I love it!  Imagine covering a whole wall in these prints, oh the imagination runs wild.  This isn't even the biggest size! So cool!

Ed note 12th March:  The washi tape isn't strong enough to hold this up - I have added blu-tack under the washi tape for now and see how it goes.  It has a few wrinkles now as it came down overnight!  I think this paper would work well mounting it onto foam board with a spray adhesive - get two printed to try it!