June 24, 2011

Weekend Project - DIY Memory Game

A cool little DIY to make with the kiddies from a lovely new blog I found yesterday called Dandee. I have seen this done with family photos too which is great to teach your children about their extended family if you don't live close by - like us!

Speaking of family, I have been looking forward to the weekend as the kids and I are off to my Mum & Dad's for some company. My hubby got stuck in NZ with the volcanic ash while on a business trip :-( It has been a LONG week, 7 more sleeps till we see him again and counting! Fortunately he has been able to hang with my brother and his wife until phase two of his business trip starts on Monday. We miss you GG xx


Yana said...

thats a great project. will have to make one some day for miss m :)