June 23, 2011

More Reading Corners

Interior design by Lisa Sherry via Lonnymag.

We love to read in our home and this idea is so practical and cool. I don't think we are at the stage where we can display kids books like this in our home just yet with a 13month old! I first saw books displayed like this on Sarah Jane's blog and loved it. Something that brings me great joy is wandering into a room and finding Anya sitting quietly 'reading' a book - ahhh, heart warming.

One for the adults - unfortunately I couldn't see where this site gave any credit to the photographer but they do share 35 cozy reading corners here.

via Black Eiffel


vividity said...

So inviting! I can just imagine my boy wanting the book on the top shelf, though, and climbing up to get it!

Jaime said...

These reading nooks look so cosy!

Chelsea Art Designs said...

get a cup of tea, you will find me perching on the second photo!!!!Divine.

Thank you grace for sharing!!!