June 3, 2011

Grosgrain - From Semi-Scratch Sewing

Kathleen from Grosgrain is an amazing seamstress and an all round nice gal! I may have mentioned before that she was one of the first blogs I followed and I remain faithful! She has done so many great series on her blog this year and a new one is just about to start, "From Semi-Scratch Sewing" - read more about it on her blog.

A free pattern month has just finished too with some really great tutorials featured such as Rubyellen's A-frame tent. I found a few, new sewing blogs to reference for inspiration and free patterns etc - Yay.

Kathleen's Halloween costume's will have you gasping in disbelief! My favourite is the Marie Antoinette inspired dress, what's yours?

Oh and if you haven't seen Design Sponge's new look - I love it! It's very FRESH compared to what is around in blogland at the moment. Happy reading and bookmarking/pinning free tutorials :-)


Amber said...

I must check her out! She sounds awesome.