November 17, 2010

Donna Hay Online store

Donna Hay has a new online store! Some lovely goodies there for those of us that have never made it to the bricks and mortar shop. The waxy straws above are hard to find or buy at a decent price in Australia, just like those darn stripey paper straws! I think $10 for 40 is pretty good considering one local online store charges $12 for shipping paper straws!

I had to show a few photos of the actual shop in Woollahra it looks divine - just the kind of place I would like to visit after brunch out. I'd love to know your experience there if you have been lucky enough to visit the Woollahra store?

All photos courtesy of Donna Hay.


Tania McCartney said...

It's love. And I want to GO to the store, too!

Esther Greenwood said...

My sister-in-law lives virtually across the road and we regularly benefit at family occasions -- esp cupcakes and macarons. The shop is pretty small but done so simply it doesn't matter -- and yes, you can sometimes see Donna herself mixing up the batter :) I would highly recommend her macarons...though honestly...her cupcakes are a bit dense for my liking and the icing is FULL ON -- you can only eat one. But if you are lucky enough to be on the main street at one of the great eateries, browsing in the chic boutiques and shopping at Kidstuff toy store (shameless plug for my husband's company) then you can't miss walking around the corner to take something away from Donna Hay :)

Nattie said...

Donna Hay shop totally in my list on 'must go places' though I'm a bit scared, as I might buy off the whole store if I do go! :P LOL have a nice day! :)