November 12, 2010

Friday Favourites - Upon a fold

I found this stunning shop - Upon A Fold - yesterday when looking for where I could buy Washi tape online and I can't stop looking at their beautiful products!!

Envelope Maker Set - love these and have always wanted one - so reasonably priced.

If you have seen these in the Donna Hay magazine and wondered where to source them? Look no further.

No tape or glue required for this one! cute.

Can you believe this bike is made from paper??!!!

Is it just me or is the calendar bursting with events?! My daughters social life is already starting to fill half of my Saturdays from here till Christmas!!!! She is only 3 yrs old. We have a few things to attend and I am hoping to get to the shop and have a poke around. I hope you have a fabulous weekend whatever you do.


gretchenmist said...

gorgeous! love the envelope maker set :)

Chantal said...

Gorgeous. I'm in awe of all that delicated paper cutting work. So very, very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Posie Patchwork said...

You know i have washi tape my love, patterend, coloured, all gorgeous!! Plus i've been buying some from Typo & Kikki-K.
Amazing things with paper going on here, love Posie

Tania McCartney said...

I LOVE Upon a Fold! Serious addiction. Keep me away from there...

june at noon said...

Wow, such amazing stuff. I'm a huge fan of papercuts (well, the intentional kind, not the kind you get on your finger when shuffling paper, ha!).