June 2, 2010

Pretty Packaging

A few more favourites from Cox and Cox! I would have cupboards full of this stuff if I could :-) Don't you think ribbon looks even more gorgeous when on a wooden spool! I LOVE ribbon as much as I love paper.

We are off to an interview for 3yr old Pre-school today... my girl is sooo ready - I wasn't sure I was but since Josiah has come along I would be happy for her to start in October when she turns 3, not in the new year (if I get the option). I miss my sleep!!


mrssewandsos said...

I know what you mean about ribbon and paper - sometimes it's just too gorgeous to actually use!
Good luck with pre-school interview today. Pre-school is great for the kids, but even better for the parents!

gret said...

Love that first image Ros. You should see the gorgeous stash of vintage ribbons I just got in the mail...I found the most gorgeous shop on etsy that will send to Aus! Yards and yards of ribbons just waiting to be used....let me know if you want to know where it is...xx