June 7, 2010

Handmade Market and Schmooks win!


Look what I won!!!!! This adorable limited edition print called 'Neville's friends' valued at $450 by the clever Claire of Schmooks fame :-) I'm going to restrain myself and wait until we move into our new place before I put it up.... (only a few weeks now)... Thanks Claire - I'm chuffed!

The Handmade market was fabulous as per usual and I really enjoyed going as a punter this market - footloose and fancy free with no responsibilities :-) Although I did have Josiah to carry around all snug in his carrier - he slept through the entire outing. It was a perfect Canberra Winters day! Make sure you book in to visit for the next two - Sept 11 & Dec 4th.

Market photos courtesy of Tania McCartney. See more fab market pics here.


Em Callaghan said...

I adore Claire's work...she's amazing. Congrats on the win!

Beautiful photos!

Cheers Em

Yana said...

wow, thats great, nice print!!! looked like a lovely day at the markets, i wish i would have come... maybe i'll make it to the september one :)

Brenda said...

Snug as a bug....how cute is he!That glorious print you won....oh my it's fantastic, will look perfect in your new home.