June 16, 2010

Easy as ABC...

All these beautiful wooden items are from Bookhou! I would happily take home anything from that shop! Their textile range is gorgeous too!

Laser cut alphabet

Cool mobile!

Steam bent slab bench

I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Monday (we had a long weekend here in Australia on Monday) and kept on doing silly things! I washed an entire load of laundry with no soap but sadly didn't realise until I was taking the washing off the line, I made a roast vegetable lasagne and forgot to put the fresh lasagne sheets in that I had defrosted (more of a vegetable bake in the end - which was just as yummy) and then I signed my loan application in my maiden name (I have been married 7.5yrs)! derr... I did notice in time to correct that one too. Here's hoping for a better day today :-)


~ Kim ~ said...

That's very funny. I don't understand how they dismiss the term 'baby brain' as it clearly exists in our society.