April 19, 2010

Handcarved Doily Stamp


I love doily's and I love the stamps that Geninne creates out of rubbers - so we have a winning combination! Geninne is one clever lady. She has a tutorial on her site of how she carves her rubbers and the materials she uses. I tried to order something recently from the online store she recommended but of course they didn't ship to Oz - booo. I haven't been able to find rubbers big enough but I really could just purchase a regular size and have a go at something little! Enough whinging and back to the simple beauty of this lovely piece of art!

We took Anya out for lunch on Sunday as a special pre-baby treat. She loved it! It's nice when eating out can be a novelty, we don't do it often as a family. I hope you had a lovely weekend!!


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh la la, imagine carving that out, the detail, the pieces, OMG, patience & skill to the max!! Love it Ros!! How gorgeous did you look in the newspaper, lovely!! Love Posie