January 25, 2010

Monday Musings

I had to start off the week with a gorgeous image from Ali Harper. Hydrangeas are one of the few flowers that are lovely both fresh and dried. How was your weekend? We had a few social events but tried to balance them with some chillin at home. Which was very hard to do Saturday in this awful heat. One of our elderly neighbours organised a 'get-to-know your neighbour' afternoon tea yesterday. We met all sorts of weird and wonderful people :-) Reena was a real character in her late 70's who gave me a few toys for Anya to play with while telling me she didn't believe in conditioning little girls to be mothers!! Not the sort of view point I expected from someone of her generation, good on her. How well do you know your neighbours? It's nice to have somewhere to go for an impromptu cuppa or to borrow an egg or two don't you think?! Have a great week.


~ Kim ~ said...

What a gorgeous photo. We had those flowers when I was little. They are such beautiful little bouquets on their own. I never knew you could dry them. Cool. I visit my neighbours from either side of us as they are lovely old couples who adore my kids. It's nice to know who lives near you.