January 27, 2010


I could do a whole series on Chandeliers - oh I love them so. When I was 10yrs old we moved from the Snowy Mountains to Sydney on Christmas Eve to a house that was over 100 years old. My sister and I had a chandelier a little like this one in our bedroom! Sooo extravagant and glamorous for a young girl. I loved lying in bed at night staring at the chandelier pretending they were my beautiful jewells - we also had an elaborate pattern on the roof which I memorized and could trace in the air - it felt like a castle. Mum, Dad and my youngest brother still live there. Speaking of 'little brothers' - the surprise baby of the family starts as a senior in high school this week - eek. {image - Mahine on Flickr}


Market Girl said...

A serious on chandeliers is a great idea, why don't you?

Rosalind said...

I might just do that!!! Weekly chandelier shots it is :-)

Victoria Sayer said...

Oh Ros, I too LOVE chandeliers!! I am so happy that they have made it back into the good books with designers and decorators. I have had to love them, quietly, at a distance for sooooo many years. Now...I own two!! One in the family room, and one in our bedroom...AND I have another dainty one with a touch of pink put away for Elliana's bedroom, once she moves out of the nursery. They have a magic about them that makes you feel lovely and special!