May 14, 2009


Last Sunday - Mothers Day was the best and worst 24hours one could possibly experience. I had a lovely day with my hubby & daughter, then enjoyed the ultimate musical experience with Lior and my dear friend, Jet. I was really blessed by Lior's talent, voice and loved the Jewish prayer he sang as his third and final encore - you could have heard a pin drop. I went home elated and crawled into bed dying to tell my sleepy husband all about it. Then at 5am someone broke into our home while we were sleeping and I woke to find that person in our bedroom, it sends shivers down my spine and I wish I could forget the whole experience. I don't wish it upon anyone. We are all ok and the only thing of value taken was my sense of security and sanctuary in my own home :-( It will come back I know with time and lots of prayer. In the meantime every time I start thinking about that horrid morning - I try to think about Lior's music and the fantastic experience I enjoyed instead.... I haven't been able to focus on a whole lot this week and had made a few things to send to a product call for a magazine but will list them on Etsy instead.


gret said...

o x

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I don't even know what to say. I am so sorry something so terrifying and disconcerting happened to you. Sending you BIG hugs.

Market Girl said...

Oh my gosh, how horrid I cannot imagine how that would feel. I am glad everyone is OK, well you know!
Take care though.

Rachel O'Reilly said...

Oh you poor poor things, I've was just telling my dear friend Elspeth about your lovely site and was having a look to see what you've been up to. I am so sorry to hear about that and i hope you feel well in your home again soon. Lots of love and prayers from england, Rachel xxx