May 7, 2009

Dancing Ink

I love the photo on my dye packet! How cool is that. It's like capturing spraying water, sloshing wine or raindrops.... I love the way the ink dances in the water. I hope I haven't been duped by a really good photoshop job! Anyway... I was being all resourceful and re-dying a few clothing items black as they had faded and started to look shabby even though the quality was still OK! I highly recommend this dye. It is a washing machine dye - which made me very nervous! It didn't stain my machine, although I recommend emptying the packet out closer to water :-) I bought it at a craft store and the woman behind the counter said she can't keep it on the shelf - which is a good problem to have. Popular for good reason! Now I am on the hunt for more things to dye :-)


Jenn Ballard said...

where do you get it? I have to dye Casey's school pants as they have bleach stains and i have been baulking at it because i hate the old dyes .. plus i have a white tub in my laundry!

Rosalind said...