February 20, 2009

Friday favourites

I wake up happier than usual on a Friday knowing the weekend is almost here!!! It is one of my favourite days... so in honour of that warm fuzzy feeling, I am going to share a favourite post, picture or thing with you each Friday. There is so much creativity in the blogging world alone it is ridiculous... between that and flickr... it's a never ending readathon. I only wish someone paid me to keep up with my RSS feeds :-)

I can't tell you how much I love Ink & Spindle's work! 3 clever girls from Melbourne who screen print their own fabric in a very cool studio, something I aspire to do down the track. I love their birch design, especially in soft moss (I also love soft moss!!) Pop over and check out their work... I would love to have a lampshade or single cushion covered in this fabric.

Birch (small scale) in Soft Moss
{Image courtesy of Ink & Spindle}


gret said...

Mmm. So lovely isn't it? I have been seriously considering this print in robins egg since it was added to the shop...I almost clicked add to cart!! :o)