December 1, 2013

Photo Shoot Preview

On the weekend I had the pleasure of being part of a fabulous team of women that worked on a ridiculously amazing photo shoot here in Canberra.  Spoilt with beautiful talent, beautiful locations and frocks, an amazing beauty team and our incredibly gifted photographer Lauren we were in photo shoot heaven.  Aly and Kate from Gypseygirl Beauty and Sass Hair Design provided so many different looks over two days and our gorgeous model Melody was so versatile, patient and professional.    All except the above dress were from Enchante Bridal and Formal Wear.
It was refreshing to make a few pieces with fresh flowers - the circlet above is made from babies breath and the bouquet chin chincherinchees.  The top photo is a circlet made from Olive tree leaves from my friends garden. 
Above is a tuelle diamante piece that will be available in my Etsy store soon.  I'm still on a high, haven't stopped talking, feeling a little weary and sunburnt.  There was a lovely camaraderie with the girls, I love meeting new people and I enjoyed the break from my normal routine.  I wonder if tomorrow I will have post-shoot blues?  I don't think the school run will allow time for that...