November 25, 2013

Thrifted: Children's Art Cabinet DIY

Once again thank you Tiny's, source of all fabulous second hand furniture.  The big decision I currently have will be whether to paint this beauty yellow or grey???  I had selected a light yellow-gold porters paint for the small road side find  my lovely friend found for me designated for a certain space but have since decided not to invest any more time and money into it. This is the perfect width and size - crazy perfect and I have been searching for over a year.  Hubby sent me an sms from Tiny's showing a photo and I screamed out loud - almost jumped into the phone - GET IT!!!!
The glass will go and I plan on seeing how fabric or paper covered foam core or a thin wood will go replacing the glass.   I guess I could just paint over the glass too but wondered if it would be a safety issue? 

Aside from these lovely details, I also love that the cabinet comes with a key so when we have younger children visit I can lock it!   Which tempts me greatly to fill it with MY hair accessory making supplies!  Hopefully you won't have to wait one year to see the finished result.  I would like to paint it before summer before it gets difficult to paint in the heat.  Any votes on grey or yellow?  I'd love to hear....