August 23, 2012

Cool Boys T Shirt

This t-shirt cost $9 to make instead of the $30-40 prices cool kids t-shirts can fetch.  I bought a $5 pre-made shirt from Target, balloon download $1 on Etsy and the most amazing transfer artist paper (TAP)- thanks to Cirque du Bebe for the tip off!!!  It is amazing stuff - you can now purchase it in Spotlight, it was on sale so it cost $3 per sheet.  Apart from the shirt being mighty wide compared to Josiah's Bonds shirts, I love it! 

When I printed the image onto the TAP - I then cut around the balloon to minimise the amount of polymer showing on the shirt... (instead of a A4 big square).  I did have a blonde moment thinking the white would show up in between the balloon strings but as you can see it doesn't.  It irons on clear just as the instructions say!  I really should read ALL my instructions.  The other thing I love about Lesley Riley's transfer paper is you can draw on it and iron on!!!!  Imagine the possibilities :-)


Jordan - Polkadot Prints said...

Oh huge potential for a product like this Ros...looks great!