August 10, 2012

Children's Activity: Matching Colours

We saw this idea on Pinterest and made up our own colour matching game.  The wooden pegs and paint chips were from Bunnings.  I was too lazy to glue the colour to the top of the peg, I just 'pegged' it.  This game didn't grab Anya as much as the mini clothes line but it was also given to her at the end of crafting and I think she had run out of interest in sitting at the table - 'doing'.   We will try again another time.

My little man got his first hair cut!!!  He looks like a big boy now :-) 


Posie Patchwork said...

Well i love the colour & the game, great idea.
Oh look at that young man, GORGEOUS!! My darling boy is now 8.5 years old & lost one of his front teeth today (we're slow on the teeth coming out of our 4 children) it's so weird to look at him. Love Posie