March 25, 2012

T Dress: Stylish Dress Book - Yoshiko Tsukiori

T Dress

I made a 'trial' of the T Dress in voile, which you can tell by the length, is more of a tunic!

I cut a size 10 with no seam allowances because I am generally an 8-10 in tops (Australian sizing).  I have found it to be a pretty good fit and comfortable.  I squeezed this whole top out of 1m of fabric so it ended up being slightly shorter than I will make my 'proper top'.

This front placket was a bit fiddly and I hope the next one will be a bit easier and neater at the v point!  A pretty easy sew suitable for a confident beginner.


Danielle said...

Looks great and thanks for the tip on sizing - I'm same size and had wondered how that might translate to the Japanese sizing. Can't wait to see your final version!